Crafting With My Hailie Jade

This past week has been soooooo much fun!  This is my darling seven year old Grand Daughter, Hailie Jade.   She is the one person that I cannot seem to say no to, LOL.  She has ruled Russ and my life for the last week.  Thought I would show you some of the crafts we created.

How about these die cut stars.  They were made with the 5 point star die cut and the Big Shot Machine.  One of Hailie’s favorite tools to use.   They went together really fast so we made lots of them to hang on our trees.

Oh, by the way, I’m told that Justin Bieber Rules!  Justin who I said?  Hailie’s reply “Really Grandma, ughhhhh”.

We love to play games together so we whipped up these Bingo cards using the Stampin’ Up sets Bingo Card and Jolly Bingo Bits (from the Holiday Mini Catalog) and made everyone play Bingo on Thanksgiving.   The adults were so very competitive, LOL.  We covered the squares with the Large Buttons.


See why I cannot deny this little lady anything.  Even with the missing teeth she is a beauty!

Oh yeah, Hailie loves to play tic tac toe so we made up this Winter Themed board using the Stampin’ Up Snowflake punch, 2 1/2″ circle punch and 3″ squares of Not Quite Navy and Whisper White Card stock.  So simple and we played forever.  🙂

Well after all of the fun, I had to take her home to another state today, sniff, sniff,  but what memories we have made together.

Until my next post. . . . .



37 responses to “Crafting With My Hailie Jade

  1. She misses you guys already!! She is counting down the days until she is visiting again =)

  2. Wow!!!!! You are an awesome Grandma! She looks like a lovely little girl. What a great way to create not only crafts, but wonderful memories.
    Trish H., Canada

  3. she’s a cutie, maybe not quite as cute as MY Darling Granddaughter, but cute ;^D Sounds like you two had loads of fun.

  4. She is a darling Michelle. And I can see you are spoiling her just like a grandma should. Great projects for her and I’m sure she will remember this time spent making memories with grandma forever!!
    Sandi Dailey
    [email protected]

  5. Thanks for sharing those pics…you two girls look like you had loads of fun!

  6. She has your eyes Michelle. I’m so glad you had some quality time together. You two are making me look forward to a grandbaby of my own. Love to you and happy holidays.

    Wendy in California

  7. What a great grandmother you are :), wonderful pictures.

  8. She is a beautiful girl. She does have your eyes!! Isn’t it great to be a grandmother? I have three grand “young men” . I need a little girl….to stamp with…Michelle, she has a wonderful and talented grandmother.

  9. She looks cute, especially with the missing teeth.
    It looks like you had a good time. The bingo cards looks great.

  10. Michelle she’s a beautiful little girl. You’ve made lots of beautiful memories she will always remember. Grand daughters are wonderful ,my little one is 33 months and she loves crafting and baking. She’s a real darling. Glad you had so much fun. Take care Hugs x ChrisB

  11. Looks like a fun time for all! wish my grands lived close enough for winter activities too…summer is my only time to see them at my house…….

  12. Well it does look like you hand Hailey had a wonderful time. I have an almost 3 yr. old Grandson that rules the roost when he is over! LOL. Aren’t Grands Grand? Thanks for sharing your fun projects. (Great ideas.) Hugs….

  13. Marianne Griffin

    Hailie has caught the “Bieber Fever” I’m afraid! Hope you don’t catch it, too! She is adorable & you two sure made lots of memories. Hugs to you both!

  14. Spending time with the grandchildren is priceless. We had a 4-year old grandson and a 3-year old granddaughter here for a couple of days over the weekend. Their older sisters make cards here and now they are begging to do it too. They had fun coloring their stamped images.

  15. What a darling granddaughter you have. It looks like you are helping her find her crafting niche. Oh the memories she will have of being with Grandma. I’m sure she misses you just as much as you miss her. Glad you had a terrific Thanksgiving.

  16. aaaaawwwwhhhh, that is so sweet! I can’t think of a better way to spend a holiday week! And what cute ideas with the snowflake TicTacToe and the bingo!

  17. Looks like you all have had some fun times together, great projects!

  18. Lovely to see you had a wonderfull time together. And..what fun to make your own games. That’s double the fun, making and playing!
    And she looks lovely, even with “a bicycle rack” (that’s how we call it in the Netherlands when you’re missing some front teeth!)

  19. Jane T in NW Louisiana

    Precious child. Grandchildren are such a wonderful gift from above!!!

  20. Sylvia Johnson

    I think she has her Grandma’s pretty eyes! So glad you got to spend time together. My 18 year old Grand Daughter came to spend the weekend with me so we could make cookis. She took home about 13 dozen cookies! I told her when I am old and feeble she will have to come and pick me up and take me to her house so we can make cookies! This has been a tradition with us since she was a little girl. Yes Grandchildren are the best.

  21. Michelle so glad you got to spend some memory making time with your beautiful granddaughter. Looks like she had lots of fun creating with gramma!

  22. Mitzi Luttrull

    What a beautiful grandchild! And what a wonderful grandma you are to create warm memories for her for the rest of her life… even if you don’t know who “justin” is. (Neither do I!) 🙂

  23. How fun! She’s a cutie!

  24. Hailie is beautiful! Those cheekbones, that happy smile and those gorgeous blue eyes! Love your projects! Gives me some ideas for the kids Christmas party projects … thanks! 🙂

  25. Carole Philpot

    How lucky you are, my grandkids are all so far away, I rarely get to play with them. She is a very pretty little girl.

  26. It definitely looks like a crafty good time was had by all!

  27. Yes, she sure is a beauty!!!! And, she seems like such a sweet ball of fun. No wonder (at all) that she is the apple of your eye. I have an eight year old granddaughter. Also beautiful, blonde and blue eyed, and very, very bright. So, we have that kind of granddaughter in common. (wide grin)

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us, and of course, all your good ideas. Stay well, my best to you and yours.

  28. Your grandaughter IS beautiful and very, very cute!!! How wonderful to have had that special time with her… memories you and she will never forget!

  29. You are such an inspiration and very clever. Your grand daughter looks just gorgeous, she looks absolutely chuffed with the creations you made together. She will remember amd treasure the aquality time spent with you forever.

  30. Hi Michelle, you guys had a wonderful time together, we all can see! Your granddaughter sure is very cute, and the projects you made are wonderful!

  31. you can take her home???!!! she is sooo cute!! nothing quite as nice as a week with g-kids!!

  32. Michele, I love the crafts that you and your granddaughter made and it’s definitely something that I would have done if I had a grandchild. These are the types of things that I did with my children and their cousins when they were growing up and I miss it so much. I think that I may put together some of those BINGO cards though, it would be great fun to play even with adults.

  33. Adopt me! Adopt me! Such great memories you’ve created…nothing like kids around to make everything fun.

  34. Claudia Zimmerman

    Michelle, your little Hallie is absolutely adorable and I can “feel” the love you have for her coming through in your writing. How priceless to have that relationship with your granddaughter! My little 5 year old Carley (granddaughter) also loves to craft with me and it brings me so much joy!

  35. So glad you and your granddaughter had such a special time together! Such a fun Grandma (even if you didn’t know who Justin Bieber was). Thanks very much for sharing the pix of your gorgeous girl and fun crafts!